Hair Specials


Organic all natural protein moisture treatments.

Dried out Hair

Winter can dry out your hair. Let us help you take care of that.

Hair Brilliance & Shin

Add color or gloss to any hair color with a single process. Shine On!

Blow Out

You can get curls: Or waves, or texture, or just straight hair. A blowout doesn’t mean that you’ll simply have smooth, bouncy hair with a bit of a curl at the end.

Organic Hair Color

FREELUX is the innovative hair color without Ammonia, PPD, Resorcinol, Petroleum derivatives and Allergen.It RESPECTS the hair structure and BALANCE of the skin. By TOCCO MAGICO of Italy

Art of Balayage

A technique for highlighting the hair in which the dye is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect. We specializes in balayage, color corrections, restyles, and extensions.

Relax and Enjoy


Everyone today is in a hurry, coming to a salon should be a time to relax and enjoy yourself.

 I am doing my best to keep this a reality. I am striving to ensure that I am giving everyone the attention they need.  

Thank you to all my clients for booking in advance and coming in a few minutes early so I can be on time for all my awesome clients!

Hair Techniques

I have been working like crazy to step  beyond traditional coloring techniques to offer something above and beyond!

This amazing look is achieved by doing a balayage (hand painting in high or low lights) BUT instead doing this with bleach, we are using a few different enhancing tones of color that will compliment, tone and add depth to your hair.

  I MUST have extra time for this service 

Call for your appointment!

Back to Your Hair Roots

Dying hair back to it's natural color? We can hlep it come out healthy and natural. We make sure your hair does not look dry.

Color Blocking or OMBRE!

I keep your hair looking amazing! I can take  those bleached out ends and make your hair have dimension, life, shine and amazing tone on tone color.Make your single process into a transformation!  

Call now if you want to add COLOR BLOCKING to your next service!

Keratin Infusion

NO FRIZZ ! I have revolutionized the ordinary keratin treatment. I have found a way to get rid of the frizz but keep your body and your wave!

We learned all of the secrets and have done dozens of keratin infusions and my clients are THRILLED! 

Whisper Cut

Noticeably longer hair in 3 months! “I dont want a haircut, I want my hair to grow!”  Well, I came up with a service that will do just that. “Dusting” the ends of your hair is the only way to stop them from splitting. With this service, I can tip the ends without changing the shape or making your hair any shorter. EVERYONE WITH LONG HAIR LOVES THIS!  

Hair Products

Organic Hair Color from Italy by TOCCO MAGICO!

FREELUX is the innovative hair color without Ammonia, PPD, Resorcinol, Petroleum derivatives and Allergen.

It RESPECTS the hair structure and BALANCE of the skin.

OLAPLEX - Going....Going....GONE BLONDE

In the 30 years I’ve been doing hair this is the by far the most amazing technology to hit our industry.

Now you can take your hair as far as you want with NO DAMAGE!

Tocco Magico Color

Does your gray show in 2 weeks like Nannine? Well, you’re not alone, 85% of my clients with gray tell me the same thing!  I have been working for the last 2 years on a way for you to take your custom blended formula of your actual Tocco Magico color I use on your in the salon home with you!  This is only place in the world right now where you can get something like this!  I have had such awesome feedback and everyone is loving my “QUICKIE KITS!”  Feel free to watch my online tutorial at

Thank You!!!

 Thank you for trusting me with your beautiful hair!

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