Doree is taking appointments
at Allendale Hair Studios
104 West Allendale Avenue, Allendale, NJ 07450
(201) 825-4666
Doree creates a warm friendly atmosphere of relaxation while effortlessly correcting even the scariest at-home disasters.

Doree is a Three-time award winning colorist taking the 1st place award in NJ for unique color application and formulation. Doree is a nationally acclaimed hair color consultant, trained in Milan, Rome, NYC, California, Chicago and many other areas. Doree is a coach to the most elite American stylists, sharing with them hair coloring techniques and methods developed in the top professional training centers of Europe, as well as new trends and basic color education.

Doree, color educator and platform artist, travels throughout NY and NJ teaching colorists and stylist corrective color and color formulation, as well as taking calls, helping professionals troubleshoot in salon color problems. During the summer of 2006 Doree completed an intensive 4 day hands on advanced cutting and color class with Tony and Guy of TIGI in NYC. Doree has worked with many famous companies such as bumble and bumble, Artec, Logics, Matrix, Paul Mitchell and many others. She is continuously training on the latest trends in hair cutting and advanced color techniques.

Men are a huge part of the color industry as well. Doree's men have color that is never orange or black leaving some natural gray men looking younger and more virile with no lines of demarcation from color that is just thrown on their heads. Doree Rembrandt's every section of men's color by hand with a small brush to have an optimum natural look.

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